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Descaler for Boilers, Chillers and Piping Systems:

• Concentrated formula provides most value with mixed ratio of water to fluid at a 3:1.

• Many other competitors use a straight formula which adds additional cost and time to remove hard minerals and Iron Oxide scales.

• Hydrocleanse works fast and efficiently with very low odor.

• Can be resused if pH levels are below three.

• User has the ability to mix at a lower ratio for faster descaling. 

• Disposal can be by drain if pH levels are 6 or above (at neutral pH).

HydroCleanse | 55 Gallons

SKU: HCS-275
1 Gallon
  • Fluid Treatment staff have extensive knowledge of many types of commercial boiler heat exchangers, how to inspect the waterside and how to safely clean boilers and remove scale. We can provide you with a diagram of piping connections for most of the boilers and chillers you will clean and descale. In most cases, we will provide you with details of the amount of water volume you Hydronic or Steam Boiler vessel holds and how much descaling formula you will need for your job.

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